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My father is just about to turn 90 and found himself in a nursing home after sustaining a very nasty broken pelvis.

He had been off his feet for 5 months and although he had received the standard NHS Physio he hadn't made much headway as their time is so limited. The recommendations made by the NHS "Rehab" Team was that dad should never go back home again and was aghast to hear they recommended his stay in the nursing home become permanent. We "the family" decided we would employ a private physio to give dad the best chance of overturning that plan. I remembered through my previous employment an excellent physio called Gillian Anderton who I knew ran a private practice from Comber. Thanks to the wonders of Google I tracked her down and she sent a wonderful physio called John to the nursing home where dad was staying. He and dad hit it off immediately, the fact they both love their rugby probably had a lot to do with that! John emailed me the various exercises he would be doing with dad and suggested I share this with the other family members so whenever we were visiting dad we could help him practice. The time John spent working with dad proved a success, he is now going to be returning to his own house which he is ecstatic about. We just wish we had got in touch with Gillian last year after his first fall and chances are it would have prevented this second one! I really can't recommend this service enough to anyone who finds themselves in this same situation with a elderly relative. The NHS Physios are simply spread too thin and have nowhere near enough time to spend working with their patients. 


At last found someone who fully understands and knows how to help ,Gillian has designed core exercises and constantly gave good and honest advice in what is a frustrating recovery process.

It was great to attend a physio who works on affected area without any gadgets or gizmos and I would recommend Gillian to anyone suffering with muscular/nerve pain.

Neil McGrattan

I have been a patient of Gillian's for several years now and I consider myself lucky to have been introduced to her. She is always a pleasure to visit and although her profound knowledge of anatomy makes for an occasional tender spot getting a pounding, the benefits are usually quick to manifest themselves. I believe her to be an excellent physiotherapist who gives conscientious treatment which is not expensive. I always find it easy to recommend her to friends and family.

Toby Bradford.



About Gillian Anderton

Find out about the huge amount of training and experience that our Physiotherapist Gillian Anderton has gained.


"At last found someone who fully understands and knows how to help"

"an excellent physiotherapist who gives conscientious treatment which is not expensive"

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